With fast fashion overwhelming our wardrobes, no one gives much thought to the designs and artistry of fabrics anymore. After all, why pay more to get authentic material if you can buy some contemporary fashion at a lower price, right? Well, wrong. No matter how catchy, fast fashion comes with a lot of aspects that you might not like if you are ‘one of a kind’ type of person. These clothes designed and fashioned in mass lack the authenticity that a garment usually denotes. Hence fashion is becoming common and cheap. But if you like to invest in style and quality, it is a handloom that you have to choose. Why handloom, though? Well, for starters, it creates products that are not mere chunks of mass production. Instead, it is a unique and detailed piece specially crafted for picky souls like you and us.

Moreover, being from a country that has such a versatile demographic, it is a crime not to invest in handlooms and our weaver’s magical artistry. If you are still not convinced, we give you five solid reasons why you should pick handloom clothes and apparel. Please wait until the fifth one (it’s a game-changer!)

Reasons to choose handloom materials

1. Handlooms Are Local And Traditional

Handloom materials are locally woven fabrics. Hence it reflects the regional sentiments of the people and their ways of life. Since we are giving importance to locally made products, handloom materials are a great way to invest in local communities. There are several startups that are promoting local weavers and their handloom materials. The S Way is one such platform where we bring together the ancient and authentic handloom fabrics–designed by our local weavers and artisans.

2. Handlooms Empowering Small Artists

Handloom materials are created not just by weavers but also by immensely skilled artists. They put a lot of detail and effort into weaving each piece. Hence a lot of innovation and design thinking create every handloom apparel. Although there are several handloom retailers, these small artists don’t get the platform to show their talent. However, if demands rise, these local artists will boost to create and sell their art through their handlooms.

3. Handlooms Come With Unique Designs

Another great reason to choose handlooms over fast fashion is that the former products come with unique and uncommon designs. Handloom materials come from regions that follow folk and traditional designs. These make the products unique and quite unusual–especially when compared to mass-produced products. So if you are a sucker for quirky and distinct fashion, handlooms are the way to go!

4. Handlooms Come With A Story

Remember the episode of the FRIENDS TV show where we know how Phoebe prefers her furniture to have a background story? Well, it’s because Phoebe, as a personality, tries to invest in stuff that has a story and throwback scene. Similar to her rustic furniture choices, handlooms come with a background fable that will connect you to the story of the region where they belong. And thus, every piece will let you into a place you may have never been or a story you haven’t heard yet! With every handloom piece at The S Way, you will get the touch of North Eastern’s traditional way of living.

5. Handlooms Are Sustainable Materials

Now that we are becoming an eco-conscious society, it is imperative that we choose our lifestyle as per its impacts on the environment. Handloom fabrics such as silk, cotton, and khadi are naturally produced. Handloom printing is also done with natural dyes–making them suitable for a conscious environment. While mass-produced products involve a lot of colorant chemicals and synthetic by-products to the environment, handlooms are green and sustainable.

There you go, five reasons to say yes to handlooms. The thing is, choosing your clothes is one of the most critical choices that will mold your personality. So we say why not choose something that you are proud of! Isn’t it?

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