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The night jasmine gracing our doorsteps with its enchanting beauty and exhilarating fragrance beautifully serves to  remind us that it is that time of the year when we welcome the Goddess of power and strength – Devi Durga. Durga Puja is celebrated with immense joy and high spirit. And no celebration in India comes without excitement of dressing up in our best possible selves for the occasion and with Durga Puja blessing us with 6 days to be our best dressed selves, who would not be thrilled?

Here are my 6 festive look suggestions that will get one through these 6 days like a goddess herself!

Maha Panchami:

With this day beginning the celebrations, the outfit can be joyful but not necessarily too heavy. Patched work skirts with Indian regional prints and vibrant colours, gives easy and ethnic vibe. Paired with a plain shirt in white or black can do all the magic.  Add some “chaand bali” as accessories and your Maha Panchami outfit is sorted.

Maha Sashti:

Kurta and straight cut pants with a complimenting dupatta is one of the trends this season. This look is festive, stylish and very experimental in terms of colours from pastel to dark and dupatta options from silk to organza to net. Pick your colour and dupatta and steal the show on Maha Sashti with this stylish, well curated look. Accessories can be matching bangles, payal, a bindi and a pair of studs.

Maha Saptami:

By this day, we are in high spirit of our celebrations and our dress should reflect the same. A layering of outfits gives a well styled look. A solid coloured kurta and straight trouser set in silk or semi silk fabric can be layered with an overcoat with mirror work or embroidery or any heavy work on it that makes the entire look grand. The accessories can by matching oxidized heavy jhumkas and Kohlapuri chappals.

Maha Ashtami:

This is one of the most sacred day of the 5 days of celebrations and I would recommend a saree for this day. A saree brings eternal elegance and, when styled well, makes one look divine. Pick your festive colour or print or combination of both or type of saree fabric you find festive. Wear that saree, pair it with a complimenting blouse, give some thought on the design of the blouse,  neat pleats, a bold bindi, bangles, a necklace and a pair of studs. In this look, one will feel like a celebration herself.

Maha Navami:

There is an unmatched grandeur of a full length heavy ghera ( more folds, flowy) kurta with fancy back or side tassels/tie ups. With pretty Jaipuri Juttis, a pretty dupatta in silk or organza and some heavy earrings to go with, the Navami can be celebrated with a ravishing style.

Vijaya Dashami:

The last day of Durga Puja, filled with colour play, energy and joy. This day can be about ease and ethnicity than style. Wear anything that defines ethnicity to you. It can be a pretty earthy toned kurta and trousers with an oxidized statement choker or a cotton handloom saree with bangles, a simple bun and flower dressing on it.

Let’s make this Durga Puja about styling looks with ease and ethnicity glamorously! Happy Durga Puja to all you lovely people.

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Romanticizing monsoon has been eternal. Can we ever not feel a blush on our cheeks thinking about the first rain, a cup of coffee in a café while enjoying the rain or a romantic evening in a side table drinking wine, loving the art that the window glass has become with those sparkling rain drops! Monsoon is pure love. Well, while such a lovely season has arrived what do we see ourselves wearing? What really makes us fall in love with the one standing in front of the mirror during this season? While these thoughts were going on in my mind, I could hear the sound of rainfall and yes, there was a smile.


It’s true that monsoon comes with its own challenges, wet streets, muddy shoes and not so perfect hair sometimes. However, I see a glass half full. I cannot emphasize enough that the idea of a gracefully worn white kurta over a blue denim (could be distressed adding on to the style), oxidized jhumkaas, kohled eyes and a bindi, hair open, slides for feet and a vibrant umbrella, the sight of a lady adorning this look in the rain would feel like a Sun sprinkling sunshine on everyone around.


I relate rain to poetry and a look that comes to my mind thinking of poetry is an ankle length dress in solid colours from earthy tones, a pair of beautiful tie up sandals , a big handbag which can accommodate monsoon essentials (like an umbrella, mini towel etc),  a high bun, hoop earrings or something minimal as an accessory. Imagine a girl stunningly styled in this look standing outside a café waiting for her cab while it is raining, won’t that sight bring some poetic thoughts to those around her? “The sparkle of the rain drops faded at her glance, the knots on her curls held the stories untold….”


Fun fashion is something I absolutely love to do. By this I mean play with vibrant colours, some quirky outfit choices and carrying the look like a boss. An oversize graphic T shirt with some vibrant colours on it with a bold short skirt in a loud colour or a denim distressed shorts, with red/yellow/green/ gum boots and a fancy raincoat (the vinyl transparent ones) and there you go. This monsoon look will be the coolest one anybody would ever spot. I for one would style like this monsoon or no monsoon!


This was my take on monsoon fashion that I wrote sipping a cup of hot tea, overlooking the grey-green play of the clouds and nature. Happy styling and happy monsoon.







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